Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How Many Ounces Can a Diaper Hold?


This lady is doing her little experiment in the video seeing how much a diaper with the recommended inserts will hold.
Me being curious wanted to know how much other diaper could hold. I have friends that ask me if my daughters diapers leak. They don't.
After googling how many ounces a diaper holds I found out that Huggies will hold 15 ounces, and Pampers will hold 10 ounces.
Can you figure out what diaper was able to hold the most fluid before they started to leak?

Spoiler alert: The cloth diaper with one insert held over 16 ounces, she said it was at 22 ounces, and the one that was doubled on the soakers was at 24 ounces when she quit. So now you know.


dannyscotland said...

Holy cow, that is incredible!

You should also mention that while the diapers *can* hold that much, they should be changed as soon as possible after baby wets/soils for the health of the baby. They aren't meant (as you of course already know, but maybe some readers don't yet) to fill up completely before being changed.

Also, I would like to link to this post from my blog. I hope that's okay with you. This is a great post.

Jen said...

Of course you can post it.
The was post was mostly for the people that ask me if the diapers leak. If anyone goes that long without changing their child's diaper, they should be looked in to. That's 2 days without a change!

Becca said...

Yes, but they pee more in the morning too when they wake up. And if you have an older kid who wears training pants... they pee more.
And an FYI for anyone who doesn't cloth diaper, they hold poop in amazing! I have NEVER had a blow out with a cloth diaper!

Jen said...

Becca! I converted you. I've never had a blow out with cloth too, but I didn't start cloth until after Marilyn was on solids.

Adult Diapers Wholesale said...


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Jen said...

I was taking about infant diapers. I've never looked into adult diapers.

Anonymous said...

Were doing a project and wanted to know how many ounces a diaper can hold!