Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Bit Boggled

I just got back from Kenpo and I was messing up on every other thing. What is wrong with me? At the class before last he said that we would have the next test in three weeks, that's five or six lessons. Today he said that I know everything and he wants to do a practice test in a couple days. That means that the test is in three lessons. Ugh, I so don't have everything down. Time to get my butt in gear.

Something for all of the people that like to hear about diapering. I have a lot of those micro fiber inserts for diapers. They don't absorb very much. The pee smell is also a bit harder to get out of them because they are made out of polyester instead of natural fibers. Of course they dry fast, but is it worth it?
I was thinking of switching off of my inserts to 100% cotton trifolds and using them as inserts. I have a trifold that isn't 100% cotton, and holy heck, that thing is not fun: It's stained because of the cotton outer, and it doesn't hold much with it's polyester batting inner that you can't scrub the oder out of. Only 100% cotton for me.
For the trifolds that I would use for inserts I would only get the preemie and the newborn sizes so they can fit into the diapers. If I got that size I would be able to use them for the next baby as normal trifold diapers which is also a bonus (if I did that I would also need to buy some "snappis" for the next baby). I think the cotton absorbs more. Right now we use the cotton premium sized (they are in between the infant and the toddler size). We use the diapers as inserts in the "Smartipants" diaper and they work great. I have never used my trifolds as a true trifold diaper. I have the pins for it to be a true trifold, but I've never gotten around to putting all of that effort into a diaper change.
Here's the thing though. I want peoples opinion. I am going to sell all of my microfiber inserts on ebay if you think this is a good idea. If you think this is a terrible reason, please tell me why.


dannyscotland said...

I use premium cotton prefolds/trifolds with a thin microfiber insert folded inside it for backup. This is my never-leak option. I use the microfiber in my pocket diapers and they don't bother me, but you're right, they definitely don't hold as much. They are lightweight, which is nice, and less bulky which is also nice, but if you've got a heavy wetter or can't change a diaper immediately, it could mean trouble. I think by all means do it. Using the newborn/small ones is a great idea, but maybe test it out a little first and make sure they will work as well as the regular premium sized ones. The smaller size might not hold as much because there are also fewer layers in them. I think newborn ones are 2-4-2 where premiums are probably 4-6-4 or 4-8-4. So just test it first, but then, yeah, I'd do it.

Jen said...

The ones that I was looking at the preemies were 4-6-4 and the infant were the same as the premium 4-8-4. I was looking and the regular are the same price as the infant. they are bigger, but only a 4-6-4.

Maybe I'll splurge and buy a couple dozen, use a few out of each size, and if I don't like them, I'll sell them on ebay.