Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selling Diaper Kits

I am going to start selling diaper kits on ebay. They will be new, not used. I have been able to find used starter kits with different items that one would need to start cloth diapering. I have also found single brands that have starter kits: Brands like Bumgenius, Fuzzibumz and GroVia. They don't have anything inbetween.
So what are the options that everyone has? They can buy a set of the things that they need used, or get a new set of things that they might only use a couple things of the set in.

I want the sets to have 6 prefold diapers, a snappi (they don't use diaper pins any more) a one size fits all cover or a pocket diaper, and some disposable liners. If you perchase all of these seperatly it would cost about 45 dollars or more. I would like to note that I would only sell items that are made in the USA.

Here is the link to my ebay. I ordered everything today to start selling the sets. I'll start selling in a couple of weeks.

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