Monday, January 10, 2011

What is this?

So this is how much motivation I have to clean. This is what my front room looks like right now. Marilyn has been ripping up random papers that I keep on picking up and for some reason there's Pepsi on the floor, clean pajamas, shoes, toys, my makeup, and a vacuum that apparently needs to be used more often. What is ironic is that I would blog about how bad it is instead of cleaning it up again.

Something else. If anyone that has been folowing my blog for a while and has seen the video about washing diapers will see that in that video I didn't have this many diapers. What happend? Well, I converted my older sister to use cloth (and she loves it I might add), but my sister gets all of her diapers off ebay from china. So I wanted to try them out.
I have to say that some of the cheap sweat shop diapers are way better than some of the ones that bought at first for 20 dollars. You can get the sweat shop diapers from ebay for less than five bucks a piece shipped; I have gotten a few. . . um, a few meaning 10. I started off with 12 diapers. And when I find good sales on or at I get them there too. Don't worry, I am still coming out ahead. I have spent less than 300 dollars on all of the diapers that I have. The first shipment was the most expensive: 200 big ones. I wanted to try some of each, I justified it then, and it's worth it to see what you like.
I have to say I like the cheap diapers more than a couple of the 20 dollar ones. There are a few known "ebay" brands like: coolababy, babyland, natures love, and sun baby. They all run big: 13-35 lbs, not 8-35 lbs. I have noticed that some of the brands that should be the same look like they were made in different sweat shops. For example: I have a six babyland diapers, they are all one size pocket diapers and all different. One of them the outer is peeling but it has good elastic (reviews say that they don't like the let elastic on this brand), a couple others have the double snaps on the waist (fixes the leg problem), a couple others have a flap for the pocket to hole the inserts, and I have one that the snaps don't work well, and another that the waist snaps are too close to the center. All of the diapers work better than my Happy Heiny's. Downside: they take about a month to ship.
If you want to try cloth diapers, look at reviews at for brands that you are considering. At the site, it's not one sided. You get to see a few different reviews from people that have tried out the brands. I have converted to cloth diapering. It's as easy as disposables. My sister that converted said that she thinks it's easier than disposables, just depends on who you ask I guess.
Ok, so in short; I like the prints of the cheap diapers, and the cost of the cheap diapers, and the fit of the cheap diapers on my toddler, I just like the cheap diapers all together.


dannyscotland said...

There are some Etsy shops that make some good diapers too. One comes to mind is greenbottoms, another is kdbspace.

Jen said...

I've gotten a couple of hand sewn diapers. Most of the etsy ones are kindof high in price for something that I can make on my own.