Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother's Don't Get Enough Sleep

This is what I get in the middle of the night!

I'm not sure how many mothers go through this. My daughter is a binky child. She likes to sleep with a pacifier. recently she has been wanting to drop the habit. But because she does not have something soothing her to sleep she'll mosey around the house at 1am. I am not joking.
Last night she let the dog out of her kennel, and found some mascara and painted her brothers room. I was awaken by a dog trying to lick my face in the middle of the night.
The night before she got into the fridge, pulled out a tub of butter and sat right next to the dog kennel and was having a little conversation with the dog while having a midnight snack of butter. The conversation woke me up.
The night before that is all in the picture. If you were wondering what that is, it's my eyeshadow. She was eating it. She crushed it and was eating the chunks of my eyeshadow. But knowing her, she was able to find a couple bows to complement her makeup.
So this morning I decided to wake the kids up at 6am. I have been fed up with the sleeping until 9am and not taking a nap and then staying awake after I crash out at 11pm. Today had run smoothly so far. Both of the kids have been sick, but they are both down for a nap. I am going to wake them up in about an hour. And then at 9pm it's bed time :D

Year Storage

So I need to update my pictures. My hubby got me some shelves for my birthday back in January. I've been couponing a little bit and one of my friends in England was wondering how I did it all. I told her I would post some pictures for her to see. i will admit that I am not the most organized person in the world. This is the best organization that you are going to get.

This is all un opened items that we hide in our ottoman.

Our opened #10 cans I store up high in the kitchen.

I don't know why this is upside down. These are six gallon buckets with basic staples like flour, sugar, rice, salt and beans.

Simple minds are easily excited. I got each razor pack for less than three dollars each. I have 19 of them. I think my hubby will use two blades (one pack) a week. This is just one step closer to a years worth.

We have some #10 cans on the bottom, and some water and oils that are "staples". In the tubs they are things that critters can get into and that is why they are in tubs. I found out last year that we had a mouse friend in our garage that liked chocolate bars. I also have some canned foods.

This is some of the bathroom and cleaning stuff. I do keep some of the year supply of bathroom toiletries up in the linen closet separate from this. As you can see I just go myself a year supply of dish soap. I have everything to make my own laundry soap and dish detergent. I have lots of wipes and lots of toilet paper. When I get out of the shower and I am in a towel, I hate having to walk all the way down stairs and out into the garage to get some toothpaste. That is the reason that I have my storage in some of the closets upstairs.

If you can figure out how my system works. These are the containers in my pantry. The big six gallon buckets are not my style to have inside the kitchen.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Busy

Last night I was contacted back by one of the textile company's. They do have some diapers that I like but I really want minky animal prints. So I talked them into making me some. It took about an hour to get the company to say yet to the project. I am so excited!
So today with everything else that is going on. I need to go to Target, go to Riteaid, go to JoAnns fabric to get swatches of prints, and then go to the post office to mail off ebay stuff and the samples to China.
The way that I got them to say yes to making the diapers was that I asked them if I bought a bolt of fabric if they could use that to make the diapers. I can get about 800+ diapers out of one bolt of fabric. That's a whole lot of diapers.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sad Day For Ebay

I tried to place another order with the factory in China and they gave me some sad news. My best selling diaper is sold out and they discontinued it. They discontinued it because it cost more than the other diapers and most people want cheap from that factory. My best seller is twice the price as their best seller and now they are not going to have it any more. I placed an order for what they still had and now I need to wait a month to get it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ebay Update

I guess this is all trial and error. The first whole month that I was selling on ebay I only made 100 dollars. That was with four trips a week to the post office and waiting in line. Looking at that I cringe.
Now that I am getting the hang of the whole ebay thing I am now racking in more money. Like 100 dollars a week (still not much I know, but being a stay at home mom, that's awesome in my book). I figured out that I only need to go to the post office twice a week if I have the auctions end at the right time.
I have my bag full of padded envelopes with different peoples orders. Mondays are my good selling days.
I received my big shipment from China about two weeks ago. Today I am almost sold out of all of the diapers. Because I am almost all sold out, Saturday I need to order more and tell all of the people that some of the diapers are on back order.

Sorry but if anyone would like a minky giraffe diaper, a minky cow diaper, or a retro dot diaper, you'll have to wait a month. I still have black diapers in stock.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fashion Week;_ylt=AjIgbBxJq73oEsUMNLLz_AZpbqU5#photoViewer=15

I found this post on how to get into fashion week. Some of the things that it says is really funny so I wanted everyone to see it.

What I learned:
Drinks that make you poop are highly fashionable.
Wearing a bathing suit over leggings is, 90% vagina and 10% fashion.
Fashion is just dressing like a maniac.
Men don't need to accessories.
Who needs flashcards when you can speak in a phony accent.
Pepsi is the skinny diet.
Dressing like a ballerina with glasses can and will get you in, not just in to fashion week but in anywhere!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Terror

Ugh! Texas is being a bad influence on his sister. All day long I hear him whispering to his little sister to do things that will get her in trouble, then right after he has to tattle on her. It's driving me crazy!
The other day I got rid of a bunch of his because he refused to pick them up. He's blaming it all on his sister.
The last straw: Texas decided to tell his sister to dump bleach cleanser all over the carpet when he was suppose to be in the hall picking up his toys. I walked into the hall when Texas was dumping water over the pile of cleanser. I saw them doing this and yelled, "What are you doing!"
I picked up Texas' Buzz Lightyear that was laying in the hallway and gave Texas an ultimatum. He can stop trying to get his sister in trouble or he can let Buzz Lightyear go to the dump.
I'm so frustrated with the kid. I have caught him doing this whole routine daily and this is officially the last straw!

If I hear the kid telling his sister to: dump out her Kool Aid, mash food on the carpet, pee on the floor, draw on the walls, change her own diaper, paint her own nails or anything else that he knows that neither of them should be doing that Buzz Lightyear is going to have a new home in the city dump! I have used a full 32oz bottle of rubbing alcohol scrubbing up sharpie markers this week already. Momma is FED UP!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weeding Out The Drama

I deleted about 100 of my facebook friends because I was being too much of a facebook whore. The people I deleted were mostly the people that cause drama.
Everyone knows that person that is always wanting you to start playing the new game that they are playing. Or that person that constantly post that they want you to vote for them, but they have to enter into a different contest each week, and post that they want you to vote every stinkin' day. And I can't forget about the person that post chain update status' every time they see a new one. Just because it says that 96% of us won't re post it, doesn't mean that you should post it.
I know that I can block all of their post, but knowing what they are doing gets on my nerves.
I can not say that I'm not guilty of doing any of these things, but when someone does this kind of thing too often, it makes me want to punch them in the face.

Ebay is Funny

Yesterday I received an email from a lady on ebay asking for a special order with some of my set prices. She wanted to buy multiple items and have them sent at the same time of course so I cut the shipping just a bit. I listed the item and sent her the link. This morning I saw that the order was purchased but it was purchased by a different person.
If it was meant to be this way, I won't have an upset lady messaging me today. If the other lady bought the listing with out the other lady knowing, I can just relist it. I don't mind that the lady bought it, that is the name of the game.

I don't blame the lady that bought the diapers. I do have some super cute diapers listed.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time To Move

I think it's time already for us to move. My husband for the last five months has been telling me not to enroll Texas in kindergarten yet because we are moving. Um, it hasn't happened yet. I've looked into private schools out here because all of the public schools by us our crap. Last year I found out that the school that is three blocks away from us teaches the children in Spanish because the majority is Hispanic. The last day to transfer my kid out of that school was last week. So I am screwed on that one.

When we bought this house that we are in right now we were in a pickle because the guy that we were renting from let the house that we were renting go through foreclosure and wasn't going to tell us. We moved into the house that we are in the same week that the bank took the rental. I was never able to do a walk-though of the house that we are now in before we bought it because the day that Spencer did the walk through, I had super bad morning sickness. I don't like our house. The layout is bad and the people who panted the walls must of been colorblind.

The town that we live in has a high crime rate which should be higher. I think most of the time the crimes go unreported because the people figure that the cops are not going to do any thing. Sometimes the cops won't even file a report which pisses me off a bit.

I'll be honest and I do have some super awesome friends out here. A few of our good friends are moving soon. One of Texas' friends is her son so he is going to be really sad when he goes. Texas' posy is slowly shrinking. About a year ago one of his other best friends moved out of state. Poor kid, whenever he becomes best friends with anyone, they move.

I guess I am in morning. Things will change. I am not sure of when, but they will.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What The!

The other day when I was shopping for some clothes for the kids, a little girl about three years old came up to me and asked me if she could get something that I was looking at. There was a pregnant lady standing a few feet away that looked like she could be her mother and obviously in her third trimester. Right after the little girl asked me, I told her to ask her mother and looked at the lady standing right next to her. The little girl replied, "That's not my mom, that's my grandma".
Seriously! The lady couldn't be over 35, with a slender figure and was about eight months pregnant. After the little girl said this the lady nodded in agreement. Here I am still in shock.

Disappointing Valentine

Poor, poor Texas. Today we went home early from our play group because he started to throw a fit. Let me start from the beginning:

There were many kids today during story time. More than usual, and they had to combine the toddler group with the preschoolers so there were twice as many in one room. Most weeks there are only 15 children all together. Today, there were more like 30! The whole shindig was lots of fun. We exchanged Valentines and Texas and Marilyn dressed up for the occasion. There was this little boy that was absolutely fascinated with Miss Marilyn and the mother of the other boy had to keep on pulling him away. I thought it was super cute. Everything was find and dandy until craft time.

When craft time rolled around Texas wanted to sit by his friend Amie. Instead of asking the boy next to her if he could sit there he started to throw a fit. There were not many seats to pick from because there were so many kids there. Texas did not throw any ol' kind of fit, it was a whole tantrum. I warned Texas that once Marilyn was done with her craft we were going home.

Once Marilyn was done with her cutting and gluing, I dragged Texas out the door. He cried, "But mom, I love Amie", "Mom, you don't understand how I feel about her", and "I am going to miss Amie so much, I need to see her".
To note, He is saying all of this outside of the library balling his eyes out. Me walking away from Texas in embarrassment, two men start laughing and one said, "Man, young love is rough".
Texas is going to have a rough Valentines day.

Marilyn is the opposite. She was yelling "I WUF YOU!" and when I would say, "I love you too", she would come back with, "NO, I WUF YOU!"
Silly girl. She's not going to have a rough Valentines Day like Texas is.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Should I?

So many debates.

Should I die my hair? Should it be dark red or dark brown?

Should I finish cleaning the garage or deep clean the kitchen?

Should I go to Kohls today?

Should I get my butt in gear and do a couple hours of KenPo?

Should I list more things on ebay?

Should I vacuum the whole house or just spot vacuum?

What should we have for lunch? What should we have for dinner?

Should I go to the grocery store this week or should we eat our food storage?

What ever I should be doing I need to get off this blog and get my butt to work.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making The Most of Gift Cards

Because I live in a different state than most of my family; I get gift cards. Gift cards are nice for the people giving them because the postage is cheap. Honestly, most of the time my gift cards sit in my wallet until there is a time for me to splurge. Luckily, in the state of California they don't expire. I am trying to change the whole gift card sitting in my wallet and use my gift cards more like coupons.

My dad gave me a gift card for my birthday to go to Walmart. Walmart? Of all places I seriously go to Walmart three times a year. Luckily I have some awesome friends that post pictures of great clearance items in the aria. $2 winter separates for boys and girls. I could of gotten five outfits for both of the kids but by the time I got there most of the stuff was picked threw. But I was able to get a couple of $5 videos for the kids (It's for me too because it gives me time for myself). Thanks dad!

Almost all places will let you use coupons and sales with your gift cards. My mom gave me a gift certificate to Kohls. I love Kohls! I try to find things for less than $5 and get it for free with coupons. It's me searching the clearance and the sales. Then all of the random things I get for free that I am not going to use I put it in a big Rubermade tub and give them as gifts later on.

Me doing this makes those gift cards go a long way.

Officially a Toddler

I have a need to point out that my Miss Marilyn is officially a toddler. She is going threw another one of her growth spurts. Whenever she has gone threw a growth spurt she of course eats me out of house and home but unlike my son her legs hurt. Last time that this happened to her she refused to walk and started to crawl. This time it's, "Mom, a snake bit me. My legs hurt!"
I don't know where she got the idea of a snake bitting her. She's really convinced that her legs hurt because she was bit by a snake while she was sleeping.
Another thing: Marilyn has only been talking for a few months. It has been an outpour of words all at once. Now she is starting the whole, "if you don't understand what I am trying to say I am going to yell it" bit.
Most mothers repeat what their child is trying to say. So what the toddler is saying sounds like, "these are my nails", The mother will say, "Yes, those are your nails". And of course, the toddler has to yell the same thing that she started off with because the mother did not translate correctly.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Easily Excited

My little sister sent this to me earlier this week. This was a post that is freaking awesome! I remember in high school in Northern California some girls would give me grief for being Mormon. The whole not drinking, no coffee, staying morally clean. This post was so flattering. And this is the first time I have been able to sit down a let you guys know about it.
My hubby is still out of town so I have been keeping busy with play dates, ebaying, Kenpo and chores. I've made about 90 dollars on ebay the past couple of weeks. I know it's not much, but it's a start. I should be getting my Orange belt for Kenpo any day now. My house is still a mess.
Great news! Today I stopped over at my friends house (the one that takes care of the goats). We are going to have a girls night. I have been invited to other girls nights but it's always going to the theater and some ritzy place for dinner. I look up the ticket prices and decide not to go. My hubby gave me a budget of 100 dollars. Mani-pedi's and dinner at a Mexican joint. Maybe we'll ship all of our kids to one house and let the guys take care of them: Three five year olds and four two year olds, that will be an adventure.

Something on a different note. I've been chose to host a Huggies Pull-up party. Even though I cloth diaper and I put that on the survey, they chose me. Not just me, but my friend Darbi too! The last party that I threw that was sponsored was Durex and both of us were chosen. How funny is that?

So everything that is going to happen is getting me all excited. My orange belt, me getting chores done, my ebay, the girls night, my hubby coming home, and getting free diapers for my friends. My husband told me that I get too excited about little things. He doesn't realize how cool some things are. I called him today to tell him I got two Gillette razors for $2 and he said, "Is this really what you called me about?"
It was. But isn't that exciting?!?! I told him it's like finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk. We just left it at that. He's glad I save him money.