Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Busy

Last night I was contacted back by one of the textile company's. They do have some diapers that I like but I really want minky animal prints. So I talked them into making me some. It took about an hour to get the company to say yet to the project. I am so excited!
So today with everything else that is going on. I need to go to Target, go to Riteaid, go to JoAnns fabric to get swatches of prints, and then go to the post office to mail off ebay stuff and the samples to China.
The way that I got them to say yes to making the diapers was that I asked them if I bought a bolt of fabric if they could use that to make the diapers. I can get about 800+ diapers out of one bolt of fabric. That's a whole lot of diapers.


dannyscotland said...

Wow, you are really doing great at this!

Jen said...

thanks. I sent out my sample diaper to china. In a couple weeks I should hear back from them.