Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disappointing Valentine

Poor, poor Texas. Today we went home early from our play group because he started to throw a fit. Let me start from the beginning:

There were many kids today during story time. More than usual, and they had to combine the toddler group with the preschoolers so there were twice as many in one room. Most weeks there are only 15 children all together. Today, there were more like 30! The whole shindig was lots of fun. We exchanged Valentines and Texas and Marilyn dressed up for the occasion. There was this little boy that was absolutely fascinated with Miss Marilyn and the mother of the other boy had to keep on pulling him away. I thought it was super cute. Everything was find and dandy until craft time.

When craft time rolled around Texas wanted to sit by his friend Amie. Instead of asking the boy next to her if he could sit there he started to throw a fit. There were not many seats to pick from because there were so many kids there. Texas did not throw any ol' kind of fit, it was a whole tantrum. I warned Texas that once Marilyn was done with her craft we were going home.

Once Marilyn was done with her cutting and gluing, I dragged Texas out the door. He cried, "But mom, I love Amie", "Mom, you don't understand how I feel about her", and "I am going to miss Amie so much, I need to see her".
To note, He is saying all of this outside of the library balling his eyes out. Me walking away from Texas in embarrassment, two men start laughing and one said, "Man, young love is rough".
Texas is going to have a rough Valentines day.

Marilyn is the opposite. She was yelling "I WUF YOU!" and when I would say, "I love you too", she would come back with, "NO, I WUF YOU!"
Silly girl. She's not going to have a rough Valentines Day like Texas is.