Monday, February 21, 2011

Ebay Update

I guess this is all trial and error. The first whole month that I was selling on ebay I only made 100 dollars. That was with four trips a week to the post office and waiting in line. Looking at that I cringe.
Now that I am getting the hang of the whole ebay thing I am now racking in more money. Like 100 dollars a week (still not much I know, but being a stay at home mom, that's awesome in my book). I figured out that I only need to go to the post office twice a week if I have the auctions end at the right time.
I have my bag full of padded envelopes with different peoples orders. Mondays are my good selling days.
I received my big shipment from China about two weeks ago. Today I am almost sold out of all of the diapers. Because I am almost all sold out, Saturday I need to order more and tell all of the people that some of the diapers are on back order.

Sorry but if anyone would like a minky giraffe diaper, a minky cow diaper, or a retro dot diaper, you'll have to wait a month. I still have black diapers in stock.

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dannyscotland said...

Wow, that is fantastic! Go you!