Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fashion Week;_ylt=AjIgbBxJq73oEsUMNLLz_AZpbqU5#photoViewer=15

I found this post on how to get into fashion week. Some of the things that it says is really funny so I wanted everyone to see it.

What I learned:
Drinks that make you poop are highly fashionable.
Wearing a bathing suit over leggings is, 90% vagina and 10% fashion.
Fashion is just dressing like a maniac.
Men don't need to accessories.
Who needs flashcards when you can speak in a phony accent.
Pepsi is the skinny diet.
Dressing like a ballerina with glasses can and will get you in, not just in to fashion week but in anywhere!

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Natale said...

bwahahaha! thanks for the fashion tips