Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making The Most of Gift Cards

Because I live in a different state than most of my family; I get gift cards. Gift cards are nice for the people giving them because the postage is cheap. Honestly, most of the time my gift cards sit in my wallet until there is a time for me to splurge. Luckily, in the state of California they don't expire. I am trying to change the whole gift card sitting in my wallet and use my gift cards more like coupons.

My dad gave me a gift card for my birthday to go to Walmart. Walmart? Of all places I seriously go to Walmart three times a year. Luckily I have some awesome friends that post pictures of great clearance items in the aria. $2 winter separates for boys and girls. I could of gotten five outfits for both of the kids but by the time I got there most of the stuff was picked threw. But I was able to get a couple of $5 videos for the kids (It's for me too because it gives me time for myself). Thanks dad!

Almost all places will let you use coupons and sales with your gift cards. My mom gave me a gift certificate to Kohls. I love Kohls! I try to find things for less than $5 and get it for free with coupons. It's me searching the clearance and the sales. Then all of the random things I get for free that I am not going to use I put it in a big Rubermade tub and give them as gifts later on.

Me doing this makes those gift cards go a long way.


dannyscotland said...

My personal favorite place to shop with or without gift cards is Target. Followed closely by TJMaxx, Marshall's, and Ross. Our Kohl's is farther away so I don't go there as often.

Jen said...

I love Target too! I have convinced my son that Target is better because they have integrity. I called Target's customer service the other day because a mistake in the packaging and they sent me $3. Sweet!