Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Terror

Ugh! Texas is being a bad influence on his sister. All day long I hear him whispering to his little sister to do things that will get her in trouble, then right after he has to tattle on her. It's driving me crazy!
The other day I got rid of a bunch of his because he refused to pick them up. He's blaming it all on his sister.
The last straw: Texas decided to tell his sister to dump bleach cleanser all over the carpet when he was suppose to be in the hall picking up his toys. I walked into the hall when Texas was dumping water over the pile of cleanser. I saw them doing this and yelled, "What are you doing!"
I picked up Texas' Buzz Lightyear that was laying in the hallway and gave Texas an ultimatum. He can stop trying to get his sister in trouble or he can let Buzz Lightyear go to the dump.
I'm so frustrated with the kid. I have caught him doing this whole routine daily and this is officially the last straw!

If I hear the kid telling his sister to: dump out her Kool Aid, mash food on the carpet, pee on the floor, draw on the walls, change her own diaper, paint her own nails or anything else that he knows that neither of them should be doing that Buzz Lightyear is going to have a new home in the city dump! I have used a full 32oz bottle of rubbing alcohol scrubbing up sharpie markers this week already. Momma is FED UP!


dannyscotland said...

OH my gosh, that would make me crazy, too!! Absolutely throw his toy away! I would also make sure he is the one who gets in trouble every time he instigates things with his little sister. Let him see that she does not get punished, HE does! (You are probably already doing this)

Good luck...

Jen said...

I just have to keep on telling myself that I would do the same kind of things when I was a kid. I caught him starting to tell his sister something and I reminded him of where Buzz would go. He changed his mind on what he was going to tell his sister.