Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time To Move

I think it's time already for us to move. My husband for the last five months has been telling me not to enroll Texas in kindergarten yet because we are moving. Um, it hasn't happened yet. I've looked into private schools out here because all of the public schools by us our crap. Last year I found out that the school that is three blocks away from us teaches the children in Spanish because the majority is Hispanic. The last day to transfer my kid out of that school was last week. So I am screwed on that one.

When we bought this house that we are in right now we were in a pickle because the guy that we were renting from let the house that we were renting go through foreclosure and wasn't going to tell us. We moved into the house that we are in the same week that the bank took the rental. I was never able to do a walk-though of the house that we are now in before we bought it because the day that Spencer did the walk through, I had super bad morning sickness. I don't like our house. The layout is bad and the people who panted the walls must of been colorblind.

The town that we live in has a high crime rate which should be higher. I think most of the time the crimes go unreported because the people figure that the cops are not going to do any thing. Sometimes the cops won't even file a report which pisses me off a bit.

I'll be honest and I do have some super awesome friends out here. A few of our good friends are moving soon. One of Texas' friends is her son so he is going to be really sad when he goes. Texas' posy is slowly shrinking. About a year ago one of his other best friends moved out of state. Poor kid, whenever he becomes best friends with anyone, they move.

I guess I am in morning. Things will change. I am not sure of when, but they will.


Missys Kitchen said...

Come back to Utah!!!

Jen said...

We moved out of Utah because there wasn't enough work for us :(
I think things need to get worse before they get better.