Monday, February 28, 2011

Year Storage

So I need to update my pictures. My hubby got me some shelves for my birthday back in January. I've been couponing a little bit and one of my friends in England was wondering how I did it all. I told her I would post some pictures for her to see. i will admit that I am not the most organized person in the world. This is the best organization that you are going to get.

This is all un opened items that we hide in our ottoman.

Our opened #10 cans I store up high in the kitchen.

I don't know why this is upside down. These are six gallon buckets with basic staples like flour, sugar, rice, salt and beans.

Simple minds are easily excited. I got each razor pack for less than three dollars each. I have 19 of them. I think my hubby will use two blades (one pack) a week. This is just one step closer to a years worth.

We have some #10 cans on the bottom, and some water and oils that are "staples". In the tubs they are things that critters can get into and that is why they are in tubs. I found out last year that we had a mouse friend in our garage that liked chocolate bars. I also have some canned foods.

This is some of the bathroom and cleaning stuff. I do keep some of the year supply of bathroom toiletries up in the linen closet separate from this. As you can see I just go myself a year supply of dish soap. I have everything to make my own laundry soap and dish detergent. I have lots of wipes and lots of toilet paper. When I get out of the shower and I am in a towel, I hate having to walk all the way down stairs and out into the garage to get some toothpaste. That is the reason that I have my storage in some of the closets upstairs.

If you can figure out how my system works. These are the containers in my pantry. The big six gallon buckets are not my style to have inside the kitchen.

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dannyscotland said...

Wow, that is a lot of stuff to store, but you have certainly found some good ways to do that.