Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't know if any of you readers ever have frequent visitors coming over to use your house as a hotel. Because we are part of a company it's more affordable for us to have people stay at our house than to pay for a hotel. So that is the way it works at our house and that's the way it's been for a long time and I can handle that.
This is the part I can't handle. We have a worker and his little family staying at our home, and the mother is a stay at home mom. She's lazy beyond reason. I admit that I like to take brakes every once in a while, but an all day break never happens.
Yesterday she said that she needed to do some laundry. So I showed her our washer and dryer. This morning she said that she wasn't able to do any laundry because we didn't have the right kind of soap so I invited her to go to the store with me while I was running errands. Nine miles away from the closest El Pollo Loco she ask if we can go there for lunch. I don't have the time or the money so I tell her no.
Later on it's quite time at my house so both of my kids are up stairs while I vacuum and prepare dinner before I head off to my kenpo class. I don't mind if you ask what I'm making for dinner, but if you are going to say that you don't want to eat it, I'm going to agree and tell you that you don't have to have any.
While I an doing my chores and the kids are having "quite time" I ask her not to let her baby upstairs because the kids should be napping. She is playing her games on her phone while her little one crawls upstairs. Sure enough after a few minutes of her baby being upstairs and I am in the kitchen cooking she wanders upstairs to check on her baby and claims that Marilyn was choking her. Choking with a hug, I can believe because Marilyn likes to give hugs, neck-tie no.
She comes down stairs, hides in the bathroom and makes a phone call to who know's. Our walls are thin and I can hear everything! She was taking smack on you know who! ME! She was saying things like, "I'm not getting any help with her [my daughter]", I think the person on the other line asked what I was doing all day and she said, "I don't know? playing on facebook?" and "I need someone to help me with my laundry".
For real? She never asked for help! Why do I need to do your laundry? Anywho, it's your kid, you need to take care of her. Oh, and you know damn well that I wasn't playing on facebook, stop making up damn stories.

I took my time coming home from kenpo to avoid seeing her because I was so pissed off about her making the phone call and not asking me for any help.

To find out after I got home, once I walked out the door she started crying because she's helpless. My husband got home right after I left and sat through three hours of her crying about how it's ok for me to tell her kid what to do in my house but at the same time she can't do anything about my kids. Ugh, I wish she would just listen to me and watch her own kid. I tell her kid not to do things so she won't get hurt FYI. I seriously want to yell and scream at her because of her little pity party. My husband told me that I need to make her feel welcomed because she doesn't know anyone out here. She is not making it easy for me.

She just left so her husband could work in Northern California and I feel so relieved. Just to let you know I am not being a super bitch about this whole thing or exaggeration one bit on this story. I should be thankful that my life is not one bit boring.


dannyscotland said...

If she lives in your house, then she has to abide by your rules. If she can't do that, then she should leave. It is her responsibility to watch her own child, do her own laundry, and take care of her own family.

You should have a contract written out for any tenants or guests in your home affiliated with your company. For your safety.

Jen said...

For sure. I told my mom my drama and she told me it's not my responsibility to take care of her child and it's her own laundry, she can do it herself. I guess she can't do her laundry because she waited until her husband got home and she had him do it for her.
I'm irritated that she needs to talk smack behind my back and not ask for any of my help if she wanted or needed help.
Pissed of still that she makes up white lies. This girl has issues.