Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was cleaning up some school glue that was dumped on the carpet when my children decided to give themselves hair cuts.
When the school glue got dumped out I was cleaning up yogurt all over the kitchen floor buy a child that jumped on a yogurt cup.
She jumped on a yogurt cup when I was cleaning up some rice that she opened with her teeth.
When I was cleaning up the rice, she decided to dump out a box of teddy grams just to step on them and hear them crunch.
When I was cleaning up the teddy grams that were smashed into the carpet, she was chewing up oreo's and spitting them inches away from the wall to make a art.

After all of this damage that only took about an hour of destruction, I had enough. I called my husband yelling because I couldn't keep up with everything. A day without naps is a day without a break for mother.

The house is not restored to it's original state and I am letting my kids have silly haircuts for a while. I need a breath of fresh air at times and yesterday was that day.

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dannyscotland said...

oh. What a rotten day! I'm so sorry!