Friday, March 25, 2011

Marilyn's Easter Dress

Marilyn and I picked out her Easter dress the other day. It's so obvious that she picked out her dress. I even tried getting her to pick other dresses. I kept on holding up two dresses at a time and saying, "Which one? This one, or this one?"
Sure enough, she picked the one that's mostly bright pink.
I made some matching bows. I think she'll just wear one at a time because she can't wear pigtails because of her latest haircut from her brother. I think I got into the habit of making two bows at a time because it's more orderly to have a set of bows. She'll be so stinkin' cute in her dress.

I picked out some pants for Texas. He doesn't need a new shirt for Easter. He does need new Sunday shoes though.

Something else. We are moving and also have a wedding to go to right before Easter. I really don't want the Easter basket junk. I think we'll just do eggs and jellybeans. What does everyone put in Easter baskets?


jen madsen said...

My girl would probably pick out a pink dress like that one. She loves pink. I use to get those easter basket's when i was young form my mom with the bunny and all the candy. It was fun for me then..though as a mom now. I like to fill there easter baskets with more fun and practical things. small books,cute pair of socks,some fishy crackers and a couple small treats. my kids already get enough treats from school with other kids birthdays, holidays and birthday party's.

dannyscotland said...

My daughter loves purple right now. It's not my favorite color (mine is pink! I'd be the kid picking that same dress Marilyn did, except for the orange) but it's okay. Anytime I let her pick what color she wants to wear, she picks purple. I think it's great that they are really developing their likes and dislikes, although I do kind of wish she liked pink a little more...and stuffed animals. She's into trucks. Sigh. So that's what she's getting in her basket. Some Cadbury eggs because they're peanut safe and maybe a few other things, but not a lot. She's only 2. I try not to load her up with too much sweets. So trucks, maybe another toy, a few treats and that's it. Don't know what my mom's giving her, but I bet it's a lot more than she's getting from me!

Jen said...

Girls are cute! You gotta love them! I think I am going to find some paper baskets and give them boiled eggs and candy. They don't just like jelly beans, they like chocolate! Gotta spoil my babies a little.

Jen said...

The hotel said that they threw away this dress. I got a replacement but don't ever stay at the ramada by the Houston air port.