Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am officially sick. It seems like I always get sick when there is a lot of stuff going on. I an glad that my ebay is going well. We are trying to move. There is easter coming up. Texas has his birthday next week. My sister in law is getting married. AND WHAT? The state of California is garnishing our wages!
We called our payroll to see what is going on and the pay roll didn't know anything about it but there was a phone number to call. My hubby called the phone number and they said that they can't do anything for three months! The person on the line wasn't even able to tell us what it was for. He was on the phone for an hour and a half! We paid California taxes last year too. GRRRR. That's 300 dollars for three months? Ugh, California is stupid. That amount of money throws us in debt 12 dollars a month before food and gas. We know that there is another guy with the same name as my husband that was born on the same day... if this is because that guy I am going to hunt him down and kick him in his balls! I know that Spencer has not been married before and doesn't have any other children floating around!
This just motivates me to move out to Texas sooner! Texas is going to save us THOUSANDS! There is no income tax, property taxes are lower, we have already transfered some bills out there and our bills are lower out there too. We are saving over $800 dollars every six months and we have an extra person on our car insurance. It's also nice knowing that our utilities are going to be a couple hundred instead of a thousand a month. We know the state of California is in debt, but taking that out on the working people is terrible! It's like a dream to run away from California♥

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dannyscotland said...

That is horrible!! If they're going to garnish wages, they should be required to tell you why!! Get out of there, fast!