Thursday, March 24, 2011

Payment Unreceived

One of my friends sister in laws wanted some diapers. So I told her I would sell them to her at cost. It's two month later and I still have not received payment for the diapers. She has had the diapers for the two months. I know it's only two diapers, but for those two diapers, I need to make a profit on six sales to make the money back. Do people not see this? Now I can't go on anyones good will and I need to get the money before I send out the item. I know that there are times where I screw up and I'll try to fix my problems.
Maybe I should email her and tell her that I want the price of the diapers at retail price because she's taking so stinking long to pay. Ugh... maybe I should give her what she wants and I should leave her alone and let her feel guilty. What do you think I should do?


Sandi said...

Well, I'm a little vindictive when it comes to selling stuff. I'd write a long letter explaining that, because of the lack of payment, my kids didn't get to have a few things that were needed for these past two months because I was out the cost of the diapers. Then I would ask for either the $$ for the diapers or for the diapers back because I'd be able to recoup some of the cost by selling the used diapers as opposed to not getting anything for them. When you bring in the fact that it effects, not just your business, but your home life too, it effects your children, they tend to feel a little more guilty about stuff!

Missys Kitchen said...

I would say let it go and learn from it. If it's not a lot of money I wouldn't make the lady feel bad....unfortunately that's just part of having a business. BUT I would make sure you get payment at the time of delivery from now on!

dannyscotland said...

I don't think you should let it go yet. I think you should send her a letter or email, just as Sandi said, but maybe not as vindictive (although, I admit, that's my first instinct, too. I just know "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" and if you're rude to people they tend to be nasty back). I would just say something that sounds like you're apologizing (even though you shouldn't have to) such as, "Dear Name, How are you enjoying the diapers? I hope you like them as much as I do. I was wondering if you might have forgotten to send the payment for them because I haven't received it yet. If you are having trouble and need to pay in installments, let me know. We can work out something that fits your financial situation." or something like, "I was wondering if you might have forgotten to send the payment. Here is my address/paypal information. Thanks for taking care of this!"

I think if you're nice she will probably pay you, but if she doesn't, then you could send her another letter or email explaining that by not paying you for the diapers, she's essentially stealing. Then tell her that you expect payment in full within 3 days. Don't make any threats or anything like that, just tell her in no uncertain terms that you expect to be paid for the items she received at a discount, no less.

I hope she just forgot.