Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sick as a Dog

I caught a bug from Miss Marilyn. All yesterday I was super sick. I think I barfed six times. Texas was sick also. So both of us were puking all over the place. I had to call housekeeping to help clean up the messes. When we leave we need to leave her a good tip.
It was one of those exhausting bugs where all you want to do it lay down and sleep. I think I slept an extra 10 hours yesterday.
Texas wasn't doing so hot. He was so dehydrated that he blacked out. He didn't know what was happening. All that he said is, "I can't see". I thought that he might of had something more severe going on. I was about to take him to the ER. But I realized that he was just dehydrated and needed to drink something.
Yesterday I had to drop Spencer off at the airport. It was easy to find the airport, it was a challenge to find a drive through for a drink. We needed some drinks because all of us were so dehydrated. My head is still hurting from being so sick yesterday. I'm feeling better but I hate getting sick like that.
I was going to post some bows that I made on eBay, I was so sick that I didn't even find an hour to post some bows. I guess it's going to wait until Monday.


dannyscotland said...

Being sick is the pits, and when your kids are sick too, it's even worse. I'm so sorry to hear that you were feeling so bad. I hope you are all better now. Don't worry about posting things; you have to take care of yourself first!

Jen said...

Thanks <3