Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taxes and Budget

Last year the lady that was doing our taxes wouldn't let us write everything off. We had all of the recipts: she was just lazy. Last year we came in at the end of January to get our taxes done too. On top of that, on the 14th of April the lady sent all of our paperwork to another office so they could do our taxes. Grrr! Seriosly, we had thousands of dollars to write off and she refused to write them off even though we had all of the paperwork for it! She told us that we needed to work less because we had too many things going on. What a bitch. Seriously, we worked for all of that money and we had to pay an extra five grand that year. Me being a full time mom on a budget and my husband working 80 hours a week isn't enough for the state of California!
The lady that we went to this year was 1000% better! She got everything completed in a couple hours and she got us money back! We were able to write off $38,000.00! SCORE! This year we are getting money back from the government. I did our budget and found out that we will be saving $1600 a month just by moving out here! That is a big number. Going from a $20 dollar a week spending budget and then seeing that is crazy! I think I will still stick to my budget so we can save up some money.

I think we will save up enough to pay cash for a lot so then all that we need to pay for is utilities and taxes. Then all of the other cash we save up, we will pay cash to build a house on the lot. Out here in Texas, if you have a parcel of land you can do whatever you would like with it. The permit fees in Texas are about $6000 to build: California's are over $150,000. California charges you by the foot when you build. It doesn't make sense to me that you would pay more in permits of what your house is worth. It's odd and surprising how different things are out here. I LOVE IT! The State of Texas has welcomed me into their state with open arms in more than one way! I do have to admit that I will miss my friends out in California, but Texas will be better for my family.


dannyscotland said...

You should have your new tax lady look into your last year's taxes. You may (may may may) be able to get some of that money back, especially since it was the preparer's fault. I'm not a tax expert, but it would be worth asking, right?

I'm glad you're out of crazy-permit-fee-land.

Jen said...

Oh, we did. We were able to write off the truck that we bought last year that the other lady wouldn't write off. That is one of the reasons that we were able to write off 38K.