Friday, May 20, 2011

Giving In

So about a week ago I was saying how good I was for not spending money on clothes for my daughter. Now this week my husband points out that all of the pants that she has are too small. Go figure.
We put an offer on a house but they excepted someone else's offer. It was crushing that we didn't get the house that we wanted. I loved the lot. The house was so much better than our California house.
Because we didn't get the house we are able to spend a little bit. Marilyn will be able to get some pants that don't flood. Because I have been selling on eBay I was able to use my Palpal account to transfer money and it won't seem like any money is missing out of our checking account.

Tomorrow we start a background check for renting an apartment. We are sick of living out of hotels. The apartment wants a six month lease. The last time we rented we were put through the ringer. I dislike renting but we need some more room to breathe.
In the meantime we hope to save up enough money to pay cash for a lot, and cash for a house. I guess this is just wishful thinking.

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dannyscotland said...

I don't think it's just wishful thinking, I think it's good planning. If you plan and prepare to have cash to put down, then you will always be thinking about that in the back of your mind. You'll think about it before you spend money on anything. And you know, clothes that fit your children are a necessity. I'm glad you're going to rent, even though I understand completely how you dislike it. I think it will be good for your family to have some room and not feel quite so transient. Good luck with your househunting. I'm sorry your nice house didn't work out. Maybe this deal will fall through and you'll be able to get it, or even better, find a better house and a better lot!