Sunday, May 1, 2011


I first listened to Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.
That song reminded me of City High so I listed to Carmel.
The video had Eve in it so I looked up her song Satisfaction.
Her little basketball dress made me think of her in the video with Gwen Stephani.
I skipped "Blow ya Mind" and now I am going to watch her Bananas video or "Hollaback". Thought that I should cool down the mood because it's late and watched her "Cool" video.
I'll admit I have a girl crush on Gwen. Seeing all of the beautiful magazine like faces in Gwen's video I think I should watch one of the newer Spice Girl videos and I can only think of one new song that they have "Friendship Never Ends". I don't have a clue what they mean in that song when they say, "lets make the headlines". Maybe they just needed some words that were not copyrighted.
I thought I needed something more soulful: Nat King Cole, Please be available for me. Unforgettable is a lovely song. I listed to that song.
Nature Boy is a great song too but I think Moulin Rouge did a better job with it. I love how they covered it. Yes. I listed to Nature Boy. I googled that Cover and it was done by David Bowie. Who Knew?
Now it's some Adele. That girl loves some revenge. She's the 21st centry Alanis Morissette. I would hate to be her ex. Adele has some wonderful vocal chords. I would love to see her sing in person.
Going to KT Tunstall, "Big Black Horse and The Cherry Tree". I think I'm done for the night. Well, maybe after some Jackson 5. My mind is all over the place tonight.

I wanted to share my playlist because normally it's just one single genre like Pop, classic or Country. I think tonight my taste for music was well rounded. I started with Pop and now I think I have circled and came around to the opposite genre. Tomorrow I can go back to my Lily Allen and Blondy.

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