Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Why do so many white people adopt black babies?

Seriously I have people ask me this question. Both of my kids are mine. The question has only been asked by black people. It's weird.

Answer: Black babies are way cuter than white babies. There! I said it!
Most people that adopt out of their race would love any child that will come into their family. Be honored!


Celesta said...

I agree! that funny though. how are you ?

Jen said...

I'm good. How are you?

dannyscotland said...

I like the way you said that people who adopt are just happy for any baby. That's so true. I know several women who desperately want babies, but can't have any of their own. Some have tried adoption, but haven't been able to find a baby. Maybe people who adopt out of their own race simply want any baby at all, and phooey on what color their skin is, if there's a baby, they want it.

Jen said...

I know a few families that adopt the first child and it looks just like them. They raise the child knowing that the child is adopted. And then the next child they'll take any child. I think they do it because they know that the issue is only "skin deep". I would rather adopt kids that are a couple years apart.

James Robert Rogers said...

haha your super funny redfern! so you have 4 kids and 2 adopted?

Jen said...

I have two and they are both mine lol. People ask if they are adopted because they are both blond.
The picture is from my wedding and two of the girls are adopted. Funny thing is that my "black" cousins aren't adopted.