Sunday, May 15, 2011

Refrain From What?

I don't know if any one else has this problem, when I get a really good coupon in my email I want to use it. The other day Gymboree sent out 30% off coupons and they are having their earn gymbucks promotion: when you spend 50 you get a coupon of $25 to spend later. I have to be honest and that coupon is calling my name.
I found this cute little dress that Marilyn would like and some shirts that Texas would like. Right now both of my kids have boxes of clothes that are in storage and the clothes fit them. We are also living out of a hotel with out a shipping address and pinching our pennies for the new house that we get. So I did what's best and told myself not to buy the cloths no matter how much they would like them.
I feel like because I did this I am a better person, even if everyone does this same kind of thing every day.
Some of the money that I didn't spend went to supply me with diapers (I am running really low but last week people bought over $400 worth. Sad that my supply is so low, low like 20 diapers when I normally have about 100, happy for all of the cloth bums!). Some of the other money wen't to the house fund.

Wish us luck on everything!


dannyscotland said...

I got one of those coupons, too, plus a $5 reward certificate. AND the store near me is having a box sale tonight where they are liquidating last year's stuff for 2 hours I tempted? Of course!!

Good for you for having more willpower than me!

Jen said...

It's... SO.... TEMPTING!!!!!

Celesta said...

Good for you Jennifer ! Very proud of you for doing that. I know how you are . so your doing great!! Keep it up!