Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'll be honest and I don't do too many of the proud parent picture post because I don't want people stalking my kids. I guess this is my first one.

I caught Marilyn hiding in the corner with a tub of ranch. I told her that she couldn't finger dip because she was suppose to share. She so called dibs on the ranch. "It's not my fingers Mamma!"
Go figure. I've had lots of days like this with Texas. He's more creative. I think I've mentioned long days with him before. I love my silly and creative kids.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teaching Texas to Count

My husband told Texas that if he could count to 20 with out any help he could have desert for dinner. He can do it if he's looking at numbers and I point to each number. He figured out how to count to ten by the time he was about two. His little sister can count to 20 (but she can't read the numbers) so we thought it would be fair that Texas learns how to count.
I feel like Texas is delayed scholastically because he doesn't show an interest in numbers or letters. He only knows how to write "Tex" out for his name. Most of the time when he makes me a card it's a bunch of "i"'s, "o"'s, "m"'s, and "t"'s. He's great at coloring and art. Most 18 month toddlers can not color within the lines, yet Texas could. Texas has always said that "Marilyn draws fire", because she scribbles. Most toddlers scribble. But now that Texas is five I think he should be able to write his name and count to 20.
We did a co opt preschool last year. Texas is the only kid out of the bunch that can't read. Can you figure out what he would do with the worksheets? He would color in the pictures and doodle in the margins. He's not suppose to be rebelling like this until high school!
Does anyone have any pointers for me to help my child learn to read and write?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Her Own Style

Marilyn is two. She is stubborn. She is a little bit spoiled. She wants to dress herself each and every day with out any help from mom or dad. She throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way. She's two.
She is getting to the point where I let her pick out parts of her outfit everyday. She has her own unique style. She loves the bright colors. She likes all of the cartoons that her and her brother watch together (no problem). She wants shirts with characters from these shows. Lots of the shows are retro shows. The question is how am I going to find a girly shirt with Heman on it? Oh the joys that you don't think of before having girls.
Girls are more emotional. Miss Marilyn has started crying because Texas has more friends, because they don't make dinosaur shirts for girls, because she can't pee standing up. Seriously, my son would just brush it off if I said something like "No Texas, that's only for girls".
I felt like it was time to let Marilyn pick out the clothes that I buy for her instead of picking out the clothes that are clean and coordinating an outfit for her. So I had a few websites to pick from: Disney, Gymboree, Crazy 8, and Janie and Jack. I honestly liked a dress at Janie and Jack and was hoping that she would pick that one. I thought that she would pick Disney, but she didn't: she picked Gymboree.

Out of all of the pink dresses that she could of picked these were her two favorites. She was all sorts of excited to get her blue dresses.
This is the dress that I wanted her to pick. I may cave in and get it anyways. It's really cute.

This is the kind of character stuff that I thought she was going to pick. They didn't have any Jessie from Toy Story, She Ra, or any Snow White so she didn't want any of it.

I thought that she would like these kind of dresses because she rotates through three shirts: her dinosaur shirt, her dragon shirt, and a Halloween shirt. I know that her style isn't too girly but it's her own.
-Texas' fashion is his rainboots, some shorts and a yellow shirt. He wears that almost every day. He's simple. Marilyn is complex.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy, Wishing It Was a Different Kind Of Busy.

I have been so overwhelmed with everything going on.
I dumped my realtor and got a new one because of our housing situation. With our new realtor we put an offer on a house but the house failed the inspection. So today we get to start all over again with the house hunting.
As everyone should know I am sick of being in the hotel. My kids are sick of it too. Both of my kids need to get out and play with friends. It got to the point the other day that Marilyn started crying because she thinks that she doesn't have any friends. She was bawling.
Something that I thought wasn't going to happen as a result of living in a hotel: I truly miss chores. I miss vacuuming, I miss having a kitchen, I miss cooking, baking and dishes, and I miss having a washer and dryer.

Ebay is going ok. It's still hard because I have to pick up everything from our PO box and I only have so much space to store everything. I can't list as many items on ebay because I I only have so may items on hand at a time.
This hotel has issues. We pay by the week but every so often something happens. The water is turned off, a bag from our room goes missing, our dog gets taken away, computer glitch in their system and they want to charge us an extra 600 dollars for our 200 dollar a week room. I really want to yell at someone about this. FYI, we are at the Ramada by the Bush air port. Most of the time that I complain about something to the front desk they act like it's not their problem. I seriously don't want to be here, an extra 600 dollars can break us and we'll have to stay in the hotel longer. Both the hotel and I do not want that.
Good news: Today I will be looking at houses again. I hope that we find something good. We need lots and lots of prayers.
I feel naive at times for up and leaving California. We gave our other realtor months before we came out here to help us find a place. We had renters lined up to rent our house. We did everything in the right order so I though. Texas will save us money in the long run. The people out here are nicer. I miss my friends out in California. You can never have too many friends. Texas starts school in the fall and the schools are better out here (but that's not hard to do). There are so many good things about being in Texas. I think I just need to breathe and let everything fall into place.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Love Mondays!

Just a part of my conversation with my realtor:
Me: "Tomorrow is Sunday, AKA the Sabbath for us so take a break from hearing from us and we'll start everything up again on Monday. I think I'm the only one that likes Mondays. Mondays are good days for me."
Her: "Alright girl that sounds good... Monday appreciates you...because you are the only who likes it! Haha"

Ok, I did get a new realtor and she's awesome. And I really do like Mondays. Good things happen to me on Mondays. Yes, Mondays are busy and hectic, but the at the end of the day Monday is always good to me. I look back at the day and think, "Wow, I got so many things accomplished today". Mondays are never boring. Stressful they may be, boring hardly ever.
Sundays are lazy, and Tuesdays are sometime busy but they never seem as good as Mondays. Monday has a bad reputation. Maybe I like bad reputations. Oh, I can't wait until Monday.
I tried to find some clip art for loving Mondays. All of the pictures were sarcastic. More "blah, it's Monday again", instead of "It's the first of the week", or "get-ur-done, it's Monday". So of the clip art was showing pictures of people loving Mondays because everyone else is miserable. Common now? No fun clip art for Monday.
Oh, Oh! It it weren't for Monday, God wouldn't of created light. God does have good ideas. He started the whole project on a Monday. Mondays are just a start of a good thing.

There you have it. I Love Mondays and you can't do anything about it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

FYI: Depressing Housing Situation

We are still in a cramped hotel room. It's been a couple months. I've been driving around in circles and calling every for sale by owner sign and my realtor isn't on the ball.
If he doesn't want to show me houses tomorrow I am going with another realtor. All of the post that say that they will take pets, my realtor says that he called and the person listing the house says otherwise. Seriously!?!? I am tired of this run around. I do most of the work trying to find the place's anyways. Most of the time I drive my butt to the place myself and look at it from the outside because he has something else going on. If he wants this job, he needs to work for it. That's why it's called work. I have another lady that wants to be my agent and she is already doing backflips and I just ran into her while I was taking myself to look at homes.

This is what I want in a rental: A place that is cheap but it has enough space for all of us and will take pets. Minimum: Two bedrooms, one bath, one living area.
If we rent and have low rent, we will be able to pay cash for a lot, and slowly start building. In the state of Texas they will let you do one thing at a time instead of doing everything at once. It might be us building a mother in law cottage first and living in that for a while and then building a standard home later on. But the dream of having a home that is paid for is a big dream of mine.
I am thankful that my mother pushed us to finish our basement to save money because I learned some useful skills (even though my mother's basement was ghetto). I feel like I can do most of the aesthetic work on my own and have someone do the electrical and the plumbing (the expensive stuff. Owch).

Spencer and I can not agree on a place to live. I know he wants land, but all of the places that we have looked at they are overcharging. He would like a house, but again, if you want two good things on one lot, it's going to cost you. So we can get a lot with a trailer for 70 thousand, but across the street the house is going for over 300 thousand. We can't get a VA loan and a construction loan, it has to be one or the other. If we do get a construction loan, we can't move in until the house is finished. The VA loan the house needs to be in livable condition.
A vacant lot is running about 30 thousand, but then you need to clear it and that cost about 25 thousand dollars and then you need to put a septic tank in the ground, there's another 5 grand, and a well, another 5 grand. Life is unfair.

For right now I am going to count my blessings. We are out of California. We have renters in our house out there. We are able to afford to stay in a hotel. My husband is working hard to grow the company and I love him for taking care of our little family and many other reasons.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hidden Talents

Marilyn has a hidden talent. She will not have a runny nose, but she will get the biggest eye boogers ever! Most kids get a runny nose, right? Not her, it goes strait to her eye ducts, swells up her eyes for a few days and she'll get massive eye boogers. I've never seen eye boogers this big before! Seriously, they are like the boogers that my son picks out of his nose when he has a head cold. They are that BIG!