Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy, Wishing It Was a Different Kind Of Busy.

I have been so overwhelmed with everything going on.
I dumped my realtor and got a new one because of our housing situation. With our new realtor we put an offer on a house but the house failed the inspection. So today we get to start all over again with the house hunting.
As everyone should know I am sick of being in the hotel. My kids are sick of it too. Both of my kids need to get out and play with friends. It got to the point the other day that Marilyn started crying because she thinks that she doesn't have any friends. She was bawling.
Something that I thought wasn't going to happen as a result of living in a hotel: I truly miss chores. I miss vacuuming, I miss having a kitchen, I miss cooking, baking and dishes, and I miss having a washer and dryer.

Ebay is going ok. It's still hard because I have to pick up everything from our PO box and I only have so much space to store everything. I can't list as many items on ebay because I I only have so may items on hand at a time.
This hotel has issues. We pay by the week but every so often something happens. The water is turned off, a bag from our room goes missing, our dog gets taken away, computer glitch in their system and they want to charge us an extra 600 dollars for our 200 dollar a week room. I really want to yell at someone about this. FYI, we are at the Ramada by the Bush air port. Most of the time that I complain about something to the front desk they act like it's not their problem. I seriously don't want to be here, an extra 600 dollars can break us and we'll have to stay in the hotel longer. Both the hotel and I do not want that.
Good news: Today I will be looking at houses again. I hope that we find something good. We need lots and lots of prayers.
I feel naive at times for up and leaving California. We gave our other realtor months before we came out here to help us find a place. We had renters lined up to rent our house. We did everything in the right order so I though. Texas will save us money in the long run. The people out here are nicer. I miss my friends out in California. You can never have too many friends. Texas starts school in the fall and the schools are better out here (but that's not hard to do). There are so many good things about being in Texas. I think I just need to breathe and let everything fall into place.

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dannyscotland said...

Yes, breathe. It will all work out in the end. This too shall pass, they say. I will send up some prayers for a fantastic, reasonably priced house that does not fail inspection to come your way!