Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Love Mondays!

Just a part of my conversation with my realtor:
Me: "Tomorrow is Sunday, AKA the Sabbath for us so take a break from hearing from us and we'll start everything up again on Monday. I think I'm the only one that likes Mondays. Mondays are good days for me."
Her: "Alright girl that sounds good... Monday appreciates you...because you are the only who likes it! Haha"

Ok, I did get a new realtor and she's awesome. And I really do like Mondays. Good things happen to me on Mondays. Yes, Mondays are busy and hectic, but the at the end of the day Monday is always good to me. I look back at the day and think, "Wow, I got so many things accomplished today". Mondays are never boring. Stressful they may be, boring hardly ever.
Sundays are lazy, and Tuesdays are sometime busy but they never seem as good as Mondays. Monday has a bad reputation. Maybe I like bad reputations. Oh, I can't wait until Monday.
I tried to find some clip art for loving Mondays. All of the pictures were sarcastic. More "blah, it's Monday again", instead of "It's the first of the week", or "get-ur-done, it's Monday". So of the clip art was showing pictures of people loving Mondays because everyone else is miserable. Common now? No fun clip art for Monday.
Oh, Oh! It it weren't for Monday, God wouldn't of created light. God does have good ideas. He started the whole project on a Monday. Mondays are just a start of a good thing.

There you have it. I Love Mondays and you can't do anything about it!

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