Friday, July 22, 2011

I Can Coupon Without Even Trying!

I went to Target without any coupons. I wanted drinks, some good chocolate, ice cream and my favorite gum.

I got:
Juice boxes
2 2 letters of soda
A thing of ferrero rocher
A think of chocolate covered bing cherries
A box of klondike bars
2 boxes of wheat thin sticks
and a three pack of my dentine pure gum.

Wow, that shopping list you can tell what time of the month it is for me. That aside, I thought it was going to cost about 20 dollars. I found some peely coupons and I snagged them. I waked off with all of that for less than 14 dollars and then I have 10 dollars in coupons for a future trip. Not too shabby for not clipping any coupons.

Can you tell that I am going insane without all of my coupons? One more month or so and I can have all of my newspapers again!

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