Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Heart Breaker

Marilyn broke down in tears yesterday when her Daddy was leaving to catch his flight. He told me that she's a little heart breaker and he wanted to take her with him. She's the hardest part about leaving on trips. Spencer also asked me if I put her up to it.
Both of the kids would love to go on business trips with dad. A couple weeks ago Texas packed all of his bags and told me he was ready to go to the airport. That little boy was serious and thought all that he needed to do was pack his bags and then he was all ready to catch his plane.


dannyscotland said...

Aw, it must be so hard on them to have their dad gone so much.

Jen said...

Once we close on a house we'll be able to go with him on business trips from time to time and that will help us cope.