Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Day = Good Day

I had one of those super long days where you think you will never be able to fit everything in. Today went really well believe it or not. I guess today is more of a journal entry. There is always a first for everything.

To start off with, I re-signed the papers for the house bright and early at 8am. The owner said that he will cover all of the repairs that my inspector finds. That sounds awesome.

We went to a church potluck. Because we do not have a stove we brought some Domino's pizza. The 8 minutes that they told me that it would take to cook turned into 25. Oh well, when we got to the potluck there were still people there. The kids loved seeing friends and being able to run about a play. There was a girl there from the same town in California that I had to get out of. Her parents still live there, but she needed out too. I'm not the only one that has to escape California.

I was able to stop off at the post office to mail off a few packages.

My hubby wanted me to call some of the private schools in the aria to see if we could get Texas in. I called the number one place on my list there was someone there! I was able to hurry over and get a tour. I think I found Texas his school. I should go and look at some of the other schools. But then this school is super close to the house too.

We were able to fit a nice nap in. It was one of those naps where I didn't want to wake up because I was so comfortable. I am sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. The kids woke up so I had to wake up too. Ugh... just four more hours.

We ate dinner outside at Sonic drive in. It was perfect weather. It wasn't sticky outside and it wasn't chilly. It was the kind of weather that you can sleep outside without any blankets kind of weather.

All day long I got some cute text messages from my cute little sisters.

I checked my email. I got one email from a site that I ordered some five dollar swim trunks for Texas on, saying that they had to cancel that one item. They gave me back my five dollars and gave me a $10 shopping credit for me to keep shopping with them. I like that.
Another email that I got was from Etsy. They are showcasing one of my items:

Happy Dance!

Now it time to go to the Land of Nod. I wish every day had just all of the ups. *Yawn*, Good night everyone.

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dannyscotland said...

It sounds like it was definitely a good day.