Sunday, July 17, 2011


Has a person ever told you that you were naive for saying something in a sarcastic tone. The reason that you used the sarcastic tone in the first place was so you could get away with being down right rude. In your head you were serious and they don't see it. They don't want to see the seriousness in it. They'll call you naive because they think that you don't understand what they are going through but you have been there so many times and you wish that they would be able to understand that they are not the only ones that have been through crap in their lives. Maybe a big kick in the balls will show them the way? Who am I kidding? These people are the "woe is me" kind of people that you can NEVER make happy. You'll just keep on running around in circles, stressing yourself out because you are putting all of the energy in to making things right but not getting anything in return. It's a bad investment.
These kinds of people get depressed often. You can try to say things that they want to hear, but that's not going to help them in the long run. These people need to find their purpose in life. I believe that everyone is here for a reason. Everyone is here for a good reason. A reason to make the world a better place.
Ugh, it's so selfish of them to do crap like this. Get on with your life, stop blaming others for your crappy life, and do something about it. The best thing to do is to try to make someone else's life better instead of moping around telling us how shitty your life is.

No ones life is perfect. Right now people comment on how "things must be hard" for us. For heavens sake, we are living out of a hotel! Two kids, and a mom in a single hotel room for three going on four months. I'm thankful that my kids are young and my husband loves me. For sure it's a pain because we all have cabin fever. We'll live though.
Something else, I'm terrible because I feel like I can relate to the women on "Desperate Housewives". They have the same drama that I do. Dear ABC, If you could see my crazy family, your ratings would go through the roof! I think all of my family could agree with this so it shouldn't be offensive.

I just wanted to get this off my chest because this kind of things eats at me. I had to work hard for everything that I have. Nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. I know that the person didn't mean to offend me but I was a little bit crushed.


dannyscotland said...

I think that when people comment that things must be hard for you, they mean to be kind and sympathetic towards you and are trying to let you know that they care. I don't think they are trying to be mean.

Jen said...

I know that they are not trying to offend anyone. I get the comments often that my life is perfect right after they are complaining how rough their life is. What do you do? Do you agree with them or do you tell them the truth?