Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Update On Myself

I thought things were turning around and they are. After three months of being homeless in a hotel someone took our (fourth) offer on a house and I think it will pass inspections. The house hasn't had any updating and it was built in the 70's. The house was taken good care of so the house doesn't smell, it's just really outdated. When I say outdated I mean that the house has some vintage mustard yellow and orange shag carpet that doesn't coordinate with the baby blue walls.

The kids are growing. Texas isn't growing very fast. He was a big one year old but now all of the other kids are catching up to him in size. Texas is five years old but wears a size six. We had to buy him some new shoes because his other shoes he out grew. I spent some money to get him some school clothes. I let him pick out all of the clothes. He picked out graphic tees and shorts. There were no pants that he wanted or any other kind of shirts. Luckily I had gymbucks from Marilyn's clothes so I was able to afford a few outfits for Texas. $30 for four outfits isn't too shabby.
Marilyn is the one that I had to go and spend money on clothes for. It seemed like she sprouted overnight. I had to get her a whole new wardrobe and some new shoes . The only shoes that were fitting her were her rainboots and rainboots do not count as Sunday shoes.
Because I'm cheap spending 100 dollars gives me a headache. But then I wanted to buy her overpriced dresses that I would see while window shopping. I passed all of those overpriced dresses up because that money could be going to the house or to a trip to see family.

My sister out in Utah wants to sell some cloth diapers at a fair in Logan. I told her ok. I don't have a clue how many diapers to send out there. So far I've sent 24. but then with 24, two people can buy her out and then there will be no more diapers. I would like to get some wetbags and some wipes out to her. With how long the takes I think wetbags are not going to happen. She also said that she would sell some of the bows that I've made. I would like some hard numbers for what she would like but I asked her and her response was "I don't know". After I get some more money in my paypal account I think I'm going to send some more diapers over.

I've been in a painting mood. That's really random. All last night I was thinking of how I want to paint. I want to smell the fumes of acrylic paint. I want to feel the paint go on the brush and the feel of the paint glide over a canvas. I miss painting and I crave it. I know some people think of any kind of painting as a chore. It's stress relieving if you do it at the right time. If it's forced, it's not going to help and you can see the stress in the art. At least I can see the stress and it bothers me. I should be an art critic. I'm no good at design though. Well, I shouldn't say no good, there are people out there that are better than I am. So... does anyone want a cheap portrait or four cheap portraits lol?


dannyscotland said...

I hope your house passes inspection with flying colors! Updates can come over time. Isn't it funny how kids all grow at different rates? I think you should send your sister a lot more diapers if you are able to. Even if she has to ship them back to you later, it would be great if she could sell them and stink if she ran out. Good luck!

Jen said...

Thanks gurlie! I'll take your advice too :)