Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cleaning Cheater

A short update: It was taking forever to close on the house so we withdrew our offer and we are now in an apartment. We are NO LONGER HOMELESS!

I wanted to let everyone know how I cheat with housework. I told some of the moms that I stick my kids lunchbox in the dishwasher when it gets too dirty and they were shocked. One of the moms the next day said that she tried it and it worked. I also put plastic toys in the dishwasher and I put dirty hats in there. Here are some more of my household cheats:

How I "mop" my floors: To tell you the truth I really don't mop. I keep my floors clean by sweeping first and then getting some good ol' kitchen cleaner in a spray bottle, squirting it all over the floor, then getting hose from the sink and spraying the floor down. Then I wipe up all of the wet soapy water with the mop or a old towel. I ring out the mop in the sink and I rinse it off in there. There is no need for a bucket with this methood.

To clean counters: I sweep all of the crumbs into the sink and then use that handy dandy kitchen spray to disinfect.

For your dining room, breakfast or kitchen table: Invest in some vinyl from the fabric store. It cost about $3 a yard and will save you time and the finish on your table top. The clear stuff is easy to clean and you can put a nicer tablecloth under it. It might look cheesy but it works.

Vacuuming: invest in a stick vacuum and let your kids fight over who gets to vacuum their room. Do not let the kids touch the other vacuum. The big vacuum is off limits because it's yours. This will motivate them to want the vacuum.

Voila! The time you spent reading this you can still have time to go and clean with my cheater tips. You're welcome!