Saturday, October 22, 2011


I took Texas to the dentist the other day. He has a mouth full of cavities. I'm serious, he has ten cavities! What's the point of me buying him a toothbrush every other month if he's not going to use it? It's going to cost about 2 grand to get his teeth fixed.
On top of all of this we are paying for Texas' private school, we are planing on going to Utah for Thanksgiving, we still need to go Christmas shopping and I would like to send out Christmas cards but who knows if that will happen.
Ugh, I hate it when money gets tight like this. We wrote out a budget and I need to scrounge up a few hundred dollars to make ends meet or we'll have to cancel going out to Utah all together. I'm thankful that it's not a few thousand dollars that we have to scrounge up but still, I should be thankful that my husband and I know math.


dannyscotland said...

Boy, when it rains it pours! When I was a kid, I had cavities every time I went to the dentist, and my brother never did. I think he had one his whole life. They told me I just had weaker enamel and was therefore more prone to getting them. That is really stinky, and I am so sorry to hear that he has all those cavities!

Jen said...

I never had cavities when I was a kid. They told me it's must becaus eof him not brushing well enough :/