Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time

My kids were all syked about Christmas. Texas asked Santa for a blue Lightning McQueen and Marilyn asked for a pink one right after her brother request the blue one. She's mentioned that she wanted a Jessy doll, but she didn't dare to tell Santa what she really wanted to his face. It's funny what turns into their favorite gifts.
Texas got his Dinoco blue Lightning McQueen and Santa also got him one of those fancy ramps sets for his new Lightning McQueen to drive on but he was needing some new bedding so Santa gave him a Lightning McQueen bedding set that he got at Walmart on Black Friday (Santa had help from Auntie Phat). Texas cracks up when I take the pillow and hit him in the face and tell him that Fin McMissile keeps on crashing. "That Fin McMissile needs to learn how to drive!" He keeps on taking the blanket off his bed and he's ask me to cuddle. He's five so that's getting a little weird but I love him so I'll let it slide.
Marilyn's favorite Snow white shirt was getting too small so Santa got her a bigger one. On Christmas day she changed her outfit eight times (I counted). I think it was mostly because she wanted to try everything on. Instead of telling grandma and grandpa that she got a Jessy doll she told them that she got princess shirts. She wore each outfit for at least an hour and I think everything that she wore got some kind of goobers on it. Her happiness is giving me extra laundry. It's so worth the extra laundry.


dannyscotland said...

It's so fun watching them enjoy their gifts! I'm glad they had a good Christmas; hope you did too.

Jen said...

I did, thanks!