Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
There are some helper Santas that are better than others. Let me start off with the ones that my children do not like. They notice when Santa says "Next" right after the last child's picture was shot. They really do not like the Santas that look at the parents right after the child says what they want and then they make a comment to the parent. The kids want your attention. Please do not turn to me and ask, "Do they really make those things?" or "Lets get real, does your kid really want that?". Once you do this my children will start screaming or pouting. Why do they start throwing a fit? Because they can hear you. They now think that Santa doesn't want to give them what they want for Christmas.
The good Santas: Bass Pro has some of the best Santas. They greet the children with, "Oh I've been waiting for you". They complement my kids outfits even though my kids picked out their clothes (and it's obvious that they did pick out their outfits). They act as if they know the child with the strange comments like "I think you've grown a little sense last year". When the child ask for a odd gift, they simply say, "I'll have to ask if my elves can make that for you" or "That's a very rare toy". They excuse the children with something to remember him like, "Be good and I get you that (super rare toy)" or "I hope you come and visit me next year". These things really make a big difference.

This is the FIRST time that I've seen both of my kids with pleasant faces talking to Santa. A week earlier we saw the mall Santa. With the mall Santa, Marilyn was screaming and Texas has a somber face and looked like he wanted to leave.

Most of our other Santa pictures are like this.

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dannyscotland said...

I'm glad they finally got to sit with a pleasant Santa