Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Logical

Me, "Miss Marilyn, are you wearing your brother's underwear?"
It's clear that she is wearing boys undies under her shorts. You can clearly see the band of the undies because her pants are always fall down because of the lack of a behind that I genetically passed down to her.
Marilyn says. "No, these are not his underwear".
Then I say, "Who's underwear are they then?"
Marilyn replys, "These are my underwear 'cause they had a two on them".
Checked the size and they are a size 2T. I guess they are too small for her brother and I should of boxed them up. Texas wears a size six. I never boxed them up she grabbed them out of the laundry pile and put them on because she was out of panties. She was out of panties because she's been preoccupied with playing. Texas' briefs fit better than her baggy panties. Maybe she should wear her brothers underwear every day. I'll be giggling about this every time she bends over and instead of seeing her little plumbers crack I see those tractor underwear.

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dannyscotland said...

That's pretty funny! She's cute!