Thursday, January 26, 2012


My hubby got home today around 2ish and at 2:30 my son gets out of school. He thought it would be a good idea to pick up Texas from school and to take Marilyn with him to give me a 15 minute break. A break to do something just for me.
The moment he walked out the door with Marilyn I stood at the door for a couple of minutes not knowing what to do in my free time. I couldn't paint my nails, or take a bath, not enough time for those things. So what do I go and do? I walked to the bathroom and sit on the toilet without any interruptions. That's right, I took a poop without any little ones knocking on the door and I never saw any little fingers wedged under the crack of the door with little voices asking random questions. Honestly, I think that's the best way I could of spent my time alone.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Coming At Me Fast

Dear Life,
I don't know what you are trying to do to me. You have me confused and I would like to do everything at my own pace. We were planing on having enough money to pay cash for a place in the next three months. I'm sick of being in an apartment and tired of paying a mortgage that we don't make a profit with the rent coming in. We've requested that all of our bonuses and our commissions be held so we could have a larger lump of cash to put into our new home. Who knows if we will get into a home.
Because my kids turn into klutz' when they are tired, the little miss knocked her teeth crooked. Her crooked teeth caused an unexpected dentist bill. On top of dentist bills I was having pains and that caused more unexpected bills.
Plans are changing constantly. We were not going to try to have another child until after we got into a house. The doctor gave the impression that it was a now or never thing and told me that I had to decide right then and there if I wanted another child. Am I being greedy that I'm ok to try to have a child in the nearer future? The later option might not be an option. We find out in three months if the nearer future is even in the books.
Life, please remember that we are not made of money and this is coming at me really fast. It feels like you are trying to break me. The past year has been rough enough. Life, please go back to a normal pace.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Olive Garden

For my birthday lunch I thought that cheap Italian food sounded good. What's better than the Olive Garden? So we packed up the kids and we all had lunch there. Now it's Marilyn's favorite restaurant. She loved that she was able to order mac and cheese with a side of grapes and an overload of carbs. When we were leaving she said, "Mom, I can't wait until we can go here again". Seriously? If she's really lucky I'll let her discover Fazoli's some day. Too bad it's about 50 miles away.
Olive Garden is one of the places that I don't go often because the food isn't that great. Every has one of those restaurants on their mind. You know, the one that you order something and think, "Why did I get this? I can make better at home". Honestly, all that I wanted was to dip breadsticks into their alfredo sauce. I's so ghetto and I know I can make sauce just as good (or better) at home but then I would have to do dishes. The birthday gift to me is that I'm getting a break.

During Marilyn's night time prayers she thanked heavenly father for Olive Garden, and then, one item at a time she preceded to thank he for everything that she ate there. I found it humorous. Her prayers are getting really long. I guess it's the age. She's still cute.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Following up on the TMI

I had a doctors appointment and then another day I had an ultrasound and then I had a follow up doctors appointment so the doctor could tell me the results of the ultrasound.
Good news is that the doctor found a reason for my evil cramps. Yea, I have cyst but the doctor said that those really shouldn't bother me that much. He said that one of the of the main reasons for the pain is that both of my Fallopian tubes are dilated, inflamed, enlarged, what ever you want to call it. My left tube in a goner. It's so inflamed that if and when the inflammation goes down (if it does go down) it's not going to do it's job. My right tube may or may not last. More good news is that because I've been morally clean, I have a better chance of recovery.
Right now I get to take ibuprofen and birth control pills till the swelling goes down. If the swelling doesn't go down on the left side I have to get it removed. Boo.
This is making my baby making list longer and longer. So the next time we try to have a baby I need to have radioactive die shot through my Fallopian tubes to make sure they have a clear shot, I have to take thyroid medication, and get a Rhogam shot because my husband and I have different blood types. I guess the list isn't that long. It's just that we are one of the many without health coverage so paying that amount of money each time you might become pregnant is emotionally and financially draining. If my tubes are not clear, then we can have a family more like Madonna or Angelina Jolie. Maybe not as fancy as theirs buy you get my drift.
I am SO thankful that I have two beautiful and healthy children. I'll admit that I'm jealous of all of those ladies my age that have five or more children. My kids are to the point where they've started asking for another sibling. It's going to be a year+ process to get knocked up if I can. I just need to remember that god only gives you what you can handle. Those baby making ladies might be able to handle eight children, but I can only handle two and god knows that. See, even god knows how lazy I am lol.

Monday, January 9, 2012


If it's too much for you to be reading anything about the gynecologist then I think you should stop reading right here and go to another blog. K, stop reading!
I guess I am letting all the other people that did keep reading all about my lady problems. The thing is that I get cramps so bad they make my puke. I hear people complain about how they have the worse crams ever and half of the time I don't believe them because they don't even look like they are in pain. Seriously? They are walking and talking, without a cold sweat or anything. I call bull shit on some peoples nasty lies!
Because I have these nasty cramps that make me exhausted to the point when I puke all over the place and I'm useless. My cramps are not just during that time of the month, they are all the time. Mother nature didn't get the memo.
Because of these nasty cramps, I decided to make an appointment with a doctor so he could tell me what is wrong with me. Guess what the doctor said? He said I have cramps. Just kidding. I have another appointment, and then a follow up appointment after I get test results back. He was going to give me some kind of prescription for horse tranquilizers. He said that they would knock me out and I wouldn't be able to operate a vehicle. I am getting to the point where Advil should start sponsoring me though.

Here's to a nap of Advil and horse tranquilizers! Good night interweb of information!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Resolution

I know that this is a little late. In the back of my head I say, "Ewe, I hate people that make New Years Resolutions when they know that they are going to break them" but in real sense their resolutions are goals.
Two years ago I made a resolution not to go to any buffets. I broke it in August. So that whole year I only went to one buffet.
This year I kind of have two goals. First one: I need to start couponing more. My husband wants this. Because I love him I guess I do it for him. He got so use to me spending less than $20 a week on food and toiletries. When he goes out he spends more; lots more. Just for Spencer, I started my extreme couponing again. Yep today I went to target and bought: two rolls of wrapping paper, four venus razors, a dozen eggs, eight cups of yogurt and a spin toothbrush for seven dollars out of pocket and then they gave me a five dollar gift card to spend later. Yeah! Two dollars for all of that. Ok, after all of that mumbo-jumbo, what I'm trying to say is that I need to keep it up, keep the fridge stocked, and I love always having toiletries on hand. It might be hard to take the time clipping all of the coupons but it saves so much on the things that we are already getting.
My other goal is to start eating better. Everyone says that! The details? I want to eat more fruit and veggies of course. Then I would also like to switch out some of the junk oils that I eat to some healthy oils. I am going to try to fill up more on those avocados, coconuts and fish. I am still going to eat fat because the lack of DHA oils can cause depression. No one likes a Jennifer that is down in the dumps. I'm just going to be eating less of the garbage like white bread and hamburger (beef is still ok). My biggest addiction is french fries. Going without a cheeseburger will not be hard. What will be hard is passing on those salty, greasy, hot french fries when my brain is telling me that the'll raise my serotonin. Yum, I love comfort food but the thing is that I need to switch the food out.
There you have it. Does anyone else have any interesting resolutions?