Thursday, January 19, 2012

Following up on the TMI

I had a doctors appointment and then another day I had an ultrasound and then I had a follow up doctors appointment so the doctor could tell me the results of the ultrasound.
Good news is that the doctor found a reason for my evil cramps. Yea, I have cyst but the doctor said that those really shouldn't bother me that much. He said that one of the of the main reasons for the pain is that both of my Fallopian tubes are dilated, inflamed, enlarged, what ever you want to call it. My left tube in a goner. It's so inflamed that if and when the inflammation goes down (if it does go down) it's not going to do it's job. My right tube may or may not last. More good news is that because I've been morally clean, I have a better chance of recovery.
Right now I get to take ibuprofen and birth control pills till the swelling goes down. If the swelling doesn't go down on the left side I have to get it removed. Boo.
This is making my baby making list longer and longer. So the next time we try to have a baby I need to have radioactive die shot through my Fallopian tubes to make sure they have a clear shot, I have to take thyroid medication, and get a Rhogam shot because my husband and I have different blood types. I guess the list isn't that long. It's just that we are one of the many without health coverage so paying that amount of money each time you might become pregnant is emotionally and financially draining. If my tubes are not clear, then we can have a family more like Madonna or Angelina Jolie. Maybe not as fancy as theirs buy you get my drift.
I am SO thankful that I have two beautiful and healthy children. I'll admit that I'm jealous of all of those ladies my age that have five or more children. My kids are to the point where they've started asking for another sibling. It's going to be a year+ process to get knocked up if I can. I just need to remember that god only gives you what you can handle. Those baby making ladies might be able to handle eight children, but I can only handle two and god knows that. See, even god knows how lazy I am lol.

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