Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Coming At Me Fast

Dear Life,
I don't know what you are trying to do to me. You have me confused and I would like to do everything at my own pace. We were planing on having enough money to pay cash for a place in the next three months. I'm sick of being in an apartment and tired of paying a mortgage that we don't make a profit with the rent coming in. We've requested that all of our bonuses and our commissions be held so we could have a larger lump of cash to put into our new home. Who knows if we will get into a home.
Because my kids turn into klutz' when they are tired, the little miss knocked her teeth crooked. Her crooked teeth caused an unexpected dentist bill. On top of dentist bills I was having pains and that caused more unexpected bills.
Plans are changing constantly. We were not going to try to have another child until after we got into a house. The doctor gave the impression that it was a now or never thing and told me that I had to decide right then and there if I wanted another child. Am I being greedy that I'm ok to try to have a child in the nearer future? The later option might not be an option. We find out in three months if the nearer future is even in the books.
Life, please remember that we are not made of money and this is coming at me really fast. It feels like you are trying to break me. The past year has been rough enough. Life, please go back to a normal pace.

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dannyscotland said...

Hang in there. My mom loves to remind me that "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". It's annoying but true. Just try your best to keep on keeping on. Even if you can't pay cash for the full price of a home, think how low your mortgage could be with a really big down payment.

I hope you are doing okay (health wise) and no, you aren't selfish to want your baby now.