Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Resolution

I know that this is a little late. In the back of my head I say, "Ewe, I hate people that make New Years Resolutions when they know that they are going to break them" but in real sense their resolutions are goals.
Two years ago I made a resolution not to go to any buffets. I broke it in August. So that whole year I only went to one buffet.
This year I kind of have two goals. First one: I need to start couponing more. My husband wants this. Because I love him I guess I do it for him. He got so use to me spending less than $20 a week on food and toiletries. When he goes out he spends more; lots more. Just for Spencer, I started my extreme couponing again. Yep today I went to target and bought: two rolls of wrapping paper, four venus razors, a dozen eggs, eight cups of yogurt and a spin toothbrush for seven dollars out of pocket and then they gave me a five dollar gift card to spend later. Yeah! Two dollars for all of that. Ok, after all of that mumbo-jumbo, what I'm trying to say is that I need to keep it up, keep the fridge stocked, and I love always having toiletries on hand. It might be hard to take the time clipping all of the coupons but it saves so much on the things that we are already getting.
My other goal is to start eating better. Everyone says that! The details? I want to eat more fruit and veggies of course. Then I would also like to switch out some of the junk oils that I eat to some healthy oils. I am going to try to fill up more on those avocados, coconuts and fish. I am still going to eat fat because the lack of DHA oils can cause depression. No one likes a Jennifer that is down in the dumps. I'm just going to be eating less of the garbage like white bread and hamburger (beef is still ok). My biggest addiction is french fries. Going without a cheeseburger will not be hard. What will be hard is passing on those salty, greasy, hot french fries when my brain is telling me that the'll raise my serotonin. Yum, I love comfort food but the thing is that I need to switch the food out.
There you have it. Does anyone else have any interesting resolutions?


dannyscotland said...

I don't make resolutions because I can't and don't keep them. So I just stopped doing that. But this year, I have a semi-resolution (which isn't really one at all): get this baby out of me before my belly explodes!!!!!!! It doesn't look like a basketball under my shirt, it looks like a really large beach ball. Your resolutions are really good though. Wish I could get out of Target with only paying $7!

Jen said...

Babies only want to come out when they are good and ready (meaning soon enough). Cheers to making our resolutions!

Missy said...

You should read "The China Study" it will help you with your healthy eating goals!