Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Olive Garden

For my birthday lunch I thought that cheap Italian food sounded good. What's better than the Olive Garden? So we packed up the kids and we all had lunch there. Now it's Marilyn's favorite restaurant. She loved that she was able to order mac and cheese with a side of grapes and an overload of carbs. When we were leaving she said, "Mom, I can't wait until we can go here again". Seriously? If she's really lucky I'll let her discover Fazoli's some day. Too bad it's about 50 miles away.
Olive Garden is one of the places that I don't go often because the food isn't that great. Every has one of those restaurants on their mind. You know, the one that you order something and think, "Why did I get this? I can make better at home". Honestly, all that I wanted was to dip breadsticks into their alfredo sauce. I's so ghetto and I know I can make sauce just as good (or better) at home but then I would have to do dishes. The birthday gift to me is that I'm getting a break.

During Marilyn's night time prayers she thanked heavenly father for Olive Garden, and then, one item at a time she preceded to thank he for everything that she ate there. I found it humorous. Her prayers are getting really long. I guess it's the age. She's still cute.

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