Monday, January 9, 2012


If it's too much for you to be reading anything about the gynecologist then I think you should stop reading right here and go to another blog. K, stop reading!
I guess I am letting all the other people that did keep reading all about my lady problems. The thing is that I get cramps so bad they make my puke. I hear people complain about how they have the worse crams ever and half of the time I don't believe them because they don't even look like they are in pain. Seriously? They are walking and talking, without a cold sweat or anything. I call bull shit on some peoples nasty lies!
Because I have these nasty cramps that make me exhausted to the point when I puke all over the place and I'm useless. My cramps are not just during that time of the month, they are all the time. Mother nature didn't get the memo.
Because of these nasty cramps, I decided to make an appointment with a doctor so he could tell me what is wrong with me. Guess what the doctor said? He said I have cramps. Just kidding. I have another appointment, and then a follow up appointment after I get test results back. He was going to give me some kind of prescription for horse tranquilizers. He said that they would knock me out and I wouldn't be able to operate a vehicle. I am getting to the point where Advil should start sponsoring me though.

Here's to a nap of Advil and horse tranquilizers! Good night interweb of information!

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dannyscotland said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor, that doesn't sound right to me. I used to have cramps really bad so I'd be doubled over in excruciating pain and have to leave school and stuff; then I got on birth control and it was like a miracle. No more cramps, thank goodness. But this sounds like you have something even worse than I had so I hope you get some good news from your next appointment.